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Predictive Analysis Machine – PAM

In order to harness all methods available to improve our performance optimization process, Adgorithms has built a team constructed of specialists from the fields of Artificial intelligence, Big Data analysis, Applied math and Behavioral sciences. This team was brought together with the sole purpose of developing and implementing advanced online predicting systems.

Fluid in their development of PAM our skillful team is continuously introducing new tools and methods, providing a unique and valuable service to our clients. By cultivating and adapting the newest, fresh out of the academy, models and techniques in the fields of machine learning and AI, we make sure that our clients get, not only the best and most precise optimization process, but also the most efficient process science can offer.

How it Works

Programmatic Buying
at Your Service

Let our optimization engine work for you, using big data and smart algorithms, it works 24/7, never gets tired and keeps improving over time. The intelligence of the system enables the process to work even when the team is not making hands on changes to each campaign. The campaigns we manage are not dependent on continuous human involvement. We build and manage each campaign in order to direct the decision making process of the machine and the system follows our lead working overtime so that you get the most of the service

Proven Methodologies Translated to Computer Algorithms

Our technology was built by marketers for marketers. All we did was take the most brilliant marketing people and have our engineers work side by side with them to translate their knowledge and vast experience into smart algorithms so that you can beat the market

Using Predictive Machines to Get the Most Out of Your Budget

Our engineers keep improving our technology so it will get the most out of every dollar spent, hitting your goals over and over without compromising the scale and reach of your campaigns.

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