About Us


Founded in 2010, Adgorithms liberates marketers from the pain and complexities of modern marketing. The company built “Albert” – the first-ever artificial intelligence (AI) marketing platform to serve as a highly intelligent and sophisticated member of a brand’s marketing team. Albert is able to perform many of the manual, time-consuming tasks that exist throughout a marketing campaign – from digital media buying to execution to optimization, and analysis. Albert additionally offers proactive, ongoing insights and recommendations on information he has learned and uncovered along his journey. Leading brands such as Harley Davidson, Evisu and are leveraging Albert to increase and accelerate revenue, make more informed investment decisions and reduce operational costs – all at a pace and scale not previously possible.


Albert is the brainchild of CEO Or Shani, and has become the Artificial Intelligence (AI) marketing genius that clients have come to rely on for growing and scaling their businesses in the most efficient way possible. Thanks to a group of extremely bright and talented developers with backgrounds in biology, neuroscience, cyber-security degrees amongst others, he continuously delivers, if not exceed, client expectations.

Just as his namesake Albert Einstein never stopped disrupting, challenging and improving on his findings, our Albert is disrupting the current status quo in marketing – helping get marketers back to the things they do best – higher-value problem solving versus machine operations.

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