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Harley-Davidson NYC Taps Artificial Intelligence Platform “Albert”; Sees Record-Breaking Digital Advertising Results

NYC Franchise is the First of Several Harley-Davidson Dealers to Adopt Adgorithms’ AI Solution

New York, NY, October 20, 2016

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Artificial intelligence is now driving ad campaigns, and Harley-Davidson NYC is just one of several Harley-Davidson franchises to team up with “Albert,” the new AI-driven marketing technology by Adgorithms (LSE:ADGO), to execute self-driven digital advertising and marketing efforts.

Harley-Davidson launched its first AI campaign, “48 Bikes in 48 Hours,” in early 2016 to reduce seasonal overstock and determine how quickly Albert could ramp up “his” audience knowledge to meet the brand’s conversion goals. Prior to Albert, Harley-Davidson NYC’s all-time sales record was eight motorcycles in a single weekend. In his first two-day campaign, Albert almost doubled this record, selling 15 bikes.

“For there to be a technology that knows nothing about us, yet can come and outdo us in its first shot was incredible,” said Asaf Jacobi, President of Harley-Davidson of NYC. “We have since increased our commitment to Albert by tenfold and are currently building a call center to accommodate the leads he’s generating for us.”

Harley-Davidson NYC now relies on Albert to handle every aspect of digital campaign management and execution. Working with campaign creative and KPIs provided by the brand, Albert autonomously executes holistic digital ad and marketing campaigns, learning as he goes, in order to identify the audiences most likely to convert, eliminate low-value audiences, apply insights gained from one channel to other channels, and engage in over 20 other digital ad and marketing activities necessary to meet the given KPIs, such as:

Albert identifies audiences Harley-Davidson doesn’t even know it has. Harley-Davidson NYC initially thought of their target audience in broad, buyer-persona based segments (gender, age, location), and projected only 2% of New York’s population to be potential buyers. Albert identified new audiences by correlating online behaviors with their likelihood of conversion, and then autonomously targeted them with individualized creative and copy combinations.

Albert identifies top-performing ad concepts and elements, and prioritizes them across channels. When Albert learned that Facebook ads with instantaneous product views generated a conversion rate 8.5 times higher than other Harley-Davidson ads, he automatically discontinued low-performing ads and applied a similar user experience flow across new ones. Similarly, Albert discovered that ads with the term “Call” were performing 447% better than ads with the term “Buy”, so he began optimizing text and creative accordingly to enhance performance across all channels.

Albert discovers unique behavioral patterns that trigger specific actions. Albert might determine, for instance, that when a user searches for term “X” and then clicks a Facebook ad, sending a specific email campaign in this precise moment will significantly increase the likelihood of conversion.

Albert predicts optimal pricing and reallocates budget to the best-performing channels. Albert predicts keyword pricing and makes ad-buying decisions based on parameters such as past performance of certain keywords, how much competitors’ are investing in them, who they’re likely to reach, and the probability they’ll convert. He also applies findings across channel and devices. For instance, when working with Harley-Davidson, Albert discovered that Facebook users’ performance on Android devices was five times better than on iOS for a particular campaign, so he autonomously reallocated budget to focus on relevant devices and maximize campaign results.

Albert optimizes millions of keywords and test thousands of ad variations simultaneously, whereas a human can usually only run a few hundred keywords at once and test a handful of ad variations with significantly less precision.

After just six months, Harley-Davidson NYC already credits 40% of its motorcycle sales to Albert and is in the process of hiring a team of approximately 6 new employees to keep up with resulting leads. At the three-month mark, Harley-Davidson of NYC had already seen an increase of 2930% leads/month—50% of which were lookalikes. The NYC franchise has been so successful that several other HD franchises have already officially adopted the technology, and tens of others are currently in talks with Adgorithms.

For more information about Albert and Adgorithms work with Harley-Davidson, please contact Gretel Going, at [email protected] or 212.680.0179 ext. 102.

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