Testing & Optimization

Multi-variant testing at a pace & scale no longer humanly possible.

Micro-campaigns of infinite campaign variables

Albert automatically tests and launches hundreds of “micro campaigns,” each of them structured to test a strategy that his algorithm has identified as having a high probability of success. He not only tests hundreds of different campaign variants, but keeps them running long enough to determine which ones should be scaled up and which should be abandoned. Albert will also tell you about the testing he has done and what he has found along his journey, as well as automatically apply those learnings when faced with similar situations in future digital , and offline, campaigns. Albert leaves no stone unturned, testing and optimizing thousands of campaign variables in a fraction of the time it would take a human marketer.

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Customer Demographics and Interests

Albert accounts for customer demographic and interests data as he performs tests, applying these data points to all other testing variables. This ensures that he covers all ground and targeting specifications. His learnings are shared across channels and updated as customer behavior changes.

Creative & Messaging Testing

Albert tests all creative and headline combinations as he goes, determining which are the most successful, on which channels, and with different audiences, all in real-time. He will tell you when he is experiencing creative fatigue, as well as recommend new creative ideas to boost engagement.

Cross-Channel Testing

Albert targets your customers wherever they engage and provides the message most efficient to that channel. He uses cross-channel learnings to maximize results and makes decisions regarding channel investment one by one. He learns which channels are the most effective for direct engagement as well as levels of assisted engagement or attribution, and invests accordingly.

Device Testing

Albert knows that your customers use several devices when interacting with your product/service and he is aware that the customer journey is frequently the sum of several engagements across devices, and that it varies from individual to individual and time to time. He will run tests to measure the level of engagement and attribution for each device; laptop, tablet, and mobile and adjust settings accordingly.