Client Success

In-Game Monetization Rate Reaches 30% in Early Stages of Campaign

Achieving sustainable performance results in the dynamic games market is a challenge: countless products, well-versed target groups, and constantly changing conditions. But we face it with Adgorithms – and have been able to boost our ROI to up to 30% in no time.Sérgio Tavares, Head of Marketing | gamigo AG


Increase in early ROI


Saved on Manpower


Increase of Overall Facebook ROI


  • Increase high volume of traffic and high quality traffic
  • Decrease cpi of players while increasing players with a high ROI
  • Increase in game monetization


  • Players migrating from browser/client to mobile at an increasing rate.
  • Competition in free to play 10x what it was five years ago.
  • Players register but don’t go into game – difficult to monetize players


  • 15-30% ROI from players delivered in campaign
  • Time and manpower costs for RTB channel reduced
  • Continued improvement in delivery of ROI across lifetime of campaign

About gamigo AG

gamigo AG is one of the foremost gaming companies in Europe and Northern America and was among the first companies to enter the booming market segment of online games. The Hamburg-based company operates branch offices in Berlin, San Francisco, Chicago, Kaliningrad and Seoul. gamigo publishes an array of client, browser and mobile games, including the renowned client game Fiesta Online and the brand-new cross-platform mobile game Rats.