Analytics & Insights

Inform and drive future strategy with Albert’s continuous stream of proactive insights & recommendations.

What does Albert analyze?

Historical data and competitors

1000’s of variables from A-B testing

Keyword analysis

LTV of customer base

Customer behavior information

Audience and Cohort

Budget allocation across channels

Placements/domains on display

Touch point effectivity

Display inventory levels

Patterns amongst converted customers

Influence/impact of each channel

Customer Journey (discovery)

Site analytics

Real-time Attribution

Creative elements within and across channels

Device type / OS performance

Social property analytics

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Attribution and Marketing Mix Modeling on the Fly

Arguably two of the most difficult analyses and models marketers must put together, attribution and marketing mix modeling, Albert does on the fly as he goes along his journey. He automatically calculates the best channels and mix to invest in in order to hit your goals and KPIs, adjusting on the fly as he goes and gathers new learning and insights. He also provides intelligence as to which channels influenced conversions so you understand the mix involved, at the individual level.

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Autonomous Action on Insights (Informative)

Informative insights are those discoveries that Albert finds which require no human authorization, and are within your business rules. This includes performance discovery for specific audiences or segments, specific geo-regions, creative elements, time of day/day of week, attribution analysis, optimization tactics and much more. Don’t be confused by the word informative, Albert wants you to know what he’s finding and the decisions he’s taking behind the scenes while you sit back and reap the benefits.

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Proactive, Ongoing Recommendations (Actionable)

Proactive or actionable insights are those recommendations Albert provides which requires your authorization or action. Anything that has to do with budget or adding a specific channel to an existing campaign, adding new creatives into the system or anything that requires insight into the business logic on your side are all part of the recommendations Albert will serve up on an ongoing, continuous basis.