Client Success

Anastasia Dates, a global IT web product company famous for their diverse dating websites increase registrations by 6X and sales by 10X.

Our partnership with Adgorithms is different. With the use of their advanced technology we are able to focus on goals, quality and proper targeting. Communication is clear, feedback is fast and strategical ideas are always clever. As one of our top partners we are always for looking for ways to expand the partnership including adding new geos and products.Stacey Smirnova, Account Manager | Anastasia Dates


Increase in


Increase in Sale
Conversion Rate




  • Deliver high, steady volumes of new users for advertisers’ current and new products
  • Maintain campaign’s eCPA for the long run
  • Continue optimizing for further actions in the product’s funnel (complete purchasable actions)


  • Long running campaign and danger of saturated marketplace
  • Brand sensitivity to ecpa levels and frequent changes in traffic behavior
  • Complex optimization due to multiple goals


  • Volume of conversion delivery increased by 600%
  • The eCPA for conversion as well as sale remains stable at goal over the lifetime of campaign while campaign scale increased
  • Quality of users increased dramatically, and conversion to sale multiplied exponentially by 1000%

About Anastasia Dates

Anastasia Dates is a global IT web product company especially known for their dating websites. Starting out as an introduction service in 1993 matchmaking via print catalogues they now have six offices around the world and 3 additional brands other than the original,, with over 1,000,000 memberships and 80 million online visitors annually.